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2018 Ben Carlson-Berne Scholarship Recip

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide instrumental or vocal classical music lessons for underserved youth in the Cincinnati community and to commemorate Benjamin Carlson-Berne’s commitment to sharing classical music with children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to take music lessons. The scholarship amount will cover music lessons for a school year and will be renewable annually as long as the student maintains eligibility.


This amount will support:

  1. Instrumental or vocal music lessons for one year (renewable);

  2. Lesson books, materials as needed;

  3. A student’s music study through age 18 (or high school graduation) unless they show a lack of interest as demonstrated by absenteeism, tardiness, or express desire to stop lessons.


The student will display the following characteristics:

  1.  An openness to learning about and playing classical music;

  2.  An interest in playing an instrument and enrolled in an instrumental music program if available;

  3.  The parent of guardian must demonstrate financial need as evidenced by eligibility for federal free/reduced lunch program.

  4.  Entering grades 7-12, or by agreement with concert:nova and the Carlson-Berne Fund

  5.  Demonstrate a strong work ethic and positive attitude toward musical practice and study.


There are unique and distinctive features of this Scholarship.

  • The scholarships are awarded based on commitment and financial need, versus strictly ability or talent.

  • Once awarded, the scholarship is renewable yearly through the end of high school to encourage a mentoring relationship to develop between the students and their professional music teachers who are invested in their success. To insure this continuity, enough money is kept in the Fund to support each student throughout their middle and high school career.

  • We provide the highest quality of teachers and mentors. Teachers are associated with our Artistic Partner, concert:nova, or of similar caliber.

If you are searching specifically for eligibility requirements regarding our programs at Withrow University High School or Oyler School, please note that requirements are generally very similar to the those listed above for private study. The Withrow program is accessible to eligible students in attendance at the high school (9-12 grade), and the Oyler program is accessible to eligible students entering 6th grade. Because the programs are built to cater to these student populations, they differ from our private lessons in many ways. If you are interested in participating in either of these programs, we encourage you to reach out for more information.

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